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TC Learning Peak Initiative

A capacity-building initiative of TC Continuous Improvement Consultants Inc. designed to provide quality and accessible career exploration resources to high school students, and professional development resources to teachers in Zambia.

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About Us

TC Continuous Improvement Consultants Inc. works with high schools, educators and guidance counsellors to understand skills and information gaps related to careers and professional development.

Our courses and resources are client-focused. We work with local communities to find equitable, accessible and sustainable solutions that cut across geographical and social-economic barriers

Focusing on career guidance and skill-building of the younger generation contributes to a developing a strong future workforce.

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Skill building courses

What our clients are saying...

Empowered educators have the ability to influence learners and, in turn, empower communities. The 1 MT program is sharpening my skills as a teacher and expanding my opportunities to collaborate with other teachers.

Zamiwe - High School Teacher

The Career Studies course helped me to connect my passion and interests to my career options . I picked a program that I'm really enjoying.

Judith - 1st year Undergraduate Student